by Zelda Orpheus and Nate

June 24, 2012
Okay so yeah announcements all around.
It is true. So tragically true, our legend must end, dear readers.
Loath as I am to admit it, the great cliche of webcomic amateurs,
but our free time is lessening, our quality is lowering, and our lives are getting less interesting.
Best to call it in while we still can, amirite? But don't fret, we aren't over JUST yet.
We'll be closing the curtain on June 8. Until then, my friends.
- The Doodle Crew

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Well. That's a wrap I guess. Just FYI, if this comic were a movie,
the official closing credits song would be This Song

Also maybe "Buggin'" by The Flaming Lips.
Have a good life everybody. We would have gotten bored and given up immediately if it weren't for you.

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Holy crap, Nate does this scrolling text thing work? That is so cool! :3

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Though I guess it's also called stripspace too. But it's commonly refered to as comicgen.
I wish I had that many nicknames. All I got is Nate, which is my ACTUAL NAME. Zelda never told me we were supposed to give ourselves cool fake names.
Sad days...